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Elite Miss Rajasthan Event In Jodhpur

Many believe Fashion is a necessity to compensate for words when there aren’t any. To convey without having to utter even a word, as effortless as it may seem, it has slowly become a part of the new horizon the recent generations have embraced. Fashion is exciting, explorative but more importantly, it is ever changing. A treat for the creativity domain, the prominence of the same in my city was rather dull and uninteresting. That’s precisely why fashion bloggers travelled as much as they did. This particular news article caught my eye one morning while I was going through my routine of reading newspapers (mostly for celeb gossip to be honest).

Miss Elite Rajasthan 

is this big thing that’s been there for a while now and it was our own little and yet huge fashion and glamour based beauty pageant. The article mentioned something about auditions in our very own city Jodhpur and that got me all intrigued. I had never seen close up the buzz for fashion in the people of our city before and this was the opportunity where I could. To my surprise, the number of people wanting to participate was immense and the ones who had come to spectate were all excited and at times a little out of control. Perhaps the names of those highly experienced judges on the banners put up throughout the city had really fired up these young people. The setup and the organization of the event was truly a treat to the eyes. I frankly didn’t expect such organized task handling considering the fact that this was their first experience with our city and its crowd. The highly experienced judges ensured that they explained their verdict to the ones they felt were not good enough for the finals held in Jaipur.

The poise and the decency with which they got hold of every participant were remarkable as literally no one left the area without a smile to their faces. They were perhaps happy to have been at that stage and experienced firsthand the winds of their passion swing by. 3 contestants were selected for the final round that was held in Jodhpur.

They wouldn’t stop smiling and the delight on their faces was, well, expected. They did, I guess, understand how huge this was for them. What was in it for me? I saw a different crowd that day. Some things I didn’t know the crowd of our city felt for and liked. That gave me a story to tell.

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